»SKIN 3.0« by Tristan Schulze
Tristan Schulze, SKIN 3.0, 2022,  shows a digital black figure with a pink inflated costume on a furry pink surface.
Sat, August 05, 2023 – Sun, February 04, 2024

Slip into digital outfits with your 3D avatar: With the presentation of Tristan Schulze's »SKIN 3.0« in the foyer of ZKM, we invite you to encounter an exciting new acquisition from the collection.

Tristan Schulze's interactive full-body installation »SKIN 3.0« uses a depth camera system and an algorithmic network. When a visitor steps in front of the screen, biometric data is captured, and a moving 3D avatar is generated. The visitor's movements »inspire« the algorithms to create ever-new digital outfits.

Visitors can play through countless variations of material combinations and textile designs in an easy-going dance-like interaction with the camera system. The diversity of the human body, personal preferences, and gender-specific attributions of shapes or colors, can be experienced unbiasedly with »SKIN 3.0«. Each outfit activated by the choreographic movements of the visitors simultaneously honors a unique moment that cannot be reproduced: the respective outfit remains a unique design that only appears once on the screen.

Tristan Schulze's SKIN outfits currently represent prototypes for which no cutting plans or sewing instructions exist yet. In a further development stage of »SKIN,« the algorithms might draw on locally available materials to design many different outfits. In the future, digitally generated garments could also be produced locally by machine.