raster-noton presents: white circle
Blue letters on black background: white circle
Thu, April 28, 2016 – Sat, April 30, 2016

As part of the GLOBALE, the audiovisual  installation »raster-noton.white circle« was presented for the first time. Next station of the installation is Halle Am Berghain in Berlin. It will be presented from April 28 till 30, 2016. Further places in the world will follow.

In 2016, the artistic platform raster-noton will be presenting »raster-noton.white circle«, an acoustic, architectonic space, designed as an audio-visual installation, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary in conjunction with the ZKM. Four of the label’s artists are invited to develop an exclusive audio-visual composition: alva notobyetone, Frank Bretschneider and Kangding Ray.

Each composition will present an independent, self-contained concept of the artist in question. All works are multi channel compositions, a music which aims to make acoustical space and visual stimulus directly tangible:

  • Frank Bretschneider: »circle in the round« [8:20]
  • byetone: »argon array« [10:11]
  • Kangding Ray: »systemic deconstructions in D« [10:10]
  • alva noto: »white circle sequence« [11:20]
  • alva noto: »white circle dual« [4:08]

»raster-noton.white circle« has been designed exclusively for the ZKM_Sound Dome. This consists of 47 loudspeakers distributed through the room, which can be played using Zirkonium control software in such a way that the sound itself becomes a vivid spatial experience.

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is an artistic platform, an open network in the interplay between music and visual media, performing arts and science. The label was started in 1996 by Olaf Bender, Carsten Nicolai and Frank Bretschneider and is still located in Chemnitz today. For more than two decades, raster-noton has mainly created musical publications and book projects, installations and performances, presenting these internationally.
Today, raster-noton is considered one of the leading labels in the electronic music sector. As well as the founders of the label, about 30 other internationally renowned artists are currently represented exclusively by raster-noton.

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