ZKM on ACM German Chapter Symposium
Exhibition view »Open Codes«
Thu, September 20, 2018 – Fri, September 21, 2018

With a compilation of works from the exhibition »Open Codes«, the ZKM accompanies the interdisciplinary symposium »Being Human with Algorithms« in Heidelberg, organized by the German Group of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

The works of media art that the ZKM has compiled for the conference encourage visitors to experience the topic of the symposium – digital transformation and its effects on our lives – in an interactive way. All three installations deal artistically with the latest tendencies of digitization and how they affect humans.


The installation »YOU:R:CODE« transforms the people observing it into code. On different panels of the installation, they appear as a mirror image, the »most real« virtual image, but also as a geometric data set or genetic code. The title can be read in two different ways: the first reading, »your code« indicates that in the installation visitors experience different kinds of digital transformations of themselves. The second reading, »you are code«, emphasizes that we ourselves consist of code, of genetic code.

A woman stands in front of a wall with several screens and digital representations

Alphabet Space

In »Alphabet Space« visitors are able to digitally display all 26 letters of the alphabet from a single three-dimensional object and to write texts by moving in space.

A woman holding a black object in front of a canvas with letters

Bibliotheca Digitalis: Three Phases of Digitization

»Bibliotheca Digitalis: Three Phases of Digitalization« refers to the virtualization of knowledge. Visitors browse through empty books, the contents of which only become digitally visible in a holographic display via augmented reality techniques.

Bernd Lintermann, Nikolaus Völzow, Peter Weibel, »Bibliotheca Digitalis: Three Phases of Digitalization«
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