next_generation 8.0 – Installations
Graphics with coloured triangles
Wed, June 05, 2019 – Sun, June 09, 2019

Numerous installations at various locations within the ZKM enrich the festival program and invite the visitors to discover them.

Luz González: The tree (HKB Bern)

Sol-i So: Bambusgarten – Jirisan 1951 (HfM Dresden)

Paul Wolff: Orbits {1&2} (IEM Graz)

Michele Seffino: Pendulum Light (IEM Graz)

Konstantina Orlandatou: Moving Sound Pictures (HfMT Hamburg)

Hye Young Sin: On becoming aware (KHM Cologne)

Daniel Clemens Müller: Afrikataterre (MH Lubeck)

Panagiotis Botzios: Portal 1 (MH Lubeck)

Finbar Hosie: Infinite Yield (HEAR Strasbourg)

Maurin Bonnet: Pardonnez-moi si je meurs mal mais je n’ai pas l’habitude 
(Pardon me if I die the wrong way, but I’m not used to it) (HEAR Strasbourg)

Paul Hauptmeier: drei köpfe — three heads (SeaM Weimar)

Chloe Jiyoung Yoon: Cosmos (SeaM Weimar)

Spatialized Compositions (6-channel):

  • Andrea Trona (State Conservatory Cuneo)
  • Robin Wiemann: Sound Picture (SEM-Lab Darmstadt)
  • Azad Emin: Data, Water, Air, Fire (HfG Karlsruhe)
  • Rica Zinn: Fuori Flippato (HfMT Hamburg)
  • Ya-Chuan Wu: Fisch (MH Lübeck)
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media