BioMedia. L’ère des médias semblables à la vie
On the picture stands vertically arranged biomedia on a green, nature-like background.
An exhibition organized by the ZKM in collaboration with the Centre des Arts Enghien-les-Bains
Fri, May 13, 2022 – Fri, July 08, 2022

The exhibition »BioMedia. L’ère des médias semblables à la vie« is curated by the ZKM | Karlsruhe and presented in an adapted form at the Centre des Arts, Enghien-les-Bains within a collaboration between two UNESCO Cities of Media Arts, Karlsruhe and Enghien-les-Bains.

The »BioMedia« exhibition provides insights into possible ways, in which organic and inorganic life forms can coexist. A selection of works by international artists on this subject will be on view at the Centre des Arts.

As an internationally networked UNESCO City of Media Arts and member of the worldwide UNESCO Creative Cities Network, Karlsruhe promotes cultural exchange and supports collaborative projects in the field of media arts. Within the framework of this exhibition, the UNESCO City of Media Arts Enghien-les-Bains and the city of Karlsruhe, since 2019 a UNESCO City of Media Arts, collaborate on an artistic level.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network was launched in 2004 specifically to promote cooperation among cities that recognize creativity as a strategic factor in their sustainable urban development.

The exhibition in the Centre des Arts has its focal point on the topics of mutual correlation between ecosystems and technology on one hand and on the coexistence of human and non-human forms of life and machines on the other hand.

Our daily lives are so intertwined with complex technological environments that the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds are increasingly blurred. At a time of climate disasters and loss of biodiversity on this planet, artists exhibiting in the first part of the exhibition are highlighting the possible interactions between technology and biology in interactive and immersive proposals, often developed in collaboration with researchers. In the second part, the question is asked whether humans, animals, and plants are our only companions, or whether our definitions of life and co-beings must also include artificial and technological entities. »BioMedia. L’ère des médias semblables à la vie« explores various forms of artificial agents in complex environments, as well as their behaviors and capabilities for interacting with each other and with human and non-human beings.

Curated by

Peter Weibel, Emmanuel Cuisinier, Daria Mille, Beatrice Zaidenberg

In cooperation with