Antennae: Frequencies from the Archive
Schematic Diagram of Voice-Over by Harald Bode
Thu, July 18, 2024 – Sun, November 24, 2024
Atrium 1+2, Ground Floor
Cost: Museum admission

Figures, artists and stories were found and taken as the starting point for this exhibition, which explores how the future has been imagined, projected or practiced within the ZKM archive. Moving between documents, videos and equipment, and often confronted with gaps and limits, a web of narratives and connections was weaved that moves in and out of the ZKM holdings. The exhibiton invites visitors to listen – as both sensorial and political act – to what is included, left out and might in the archive.

»Antennae« was developed by the seminar group “Antennae to feel-think-know”, from the department of exhibition design and scenography (ADSZ) at HfG, and is curated by Nick Aikens and Céline Condorelli in dialogue with Felix Mittelberger.

Nick Aikens (HfG), Céline Condorelli (HfG), Felix Mittelberger (ZKM), Bettina Bessenyei (HfG), Lena Breitmoser (HfG), Athina Chrisofakis (HfG), Senta Hirscheider (HfG), Jungwon Jang (HfG), Philipp Kern (HfG)
Chaeyoung Moon (HfG), Lasse Peters (HfG), Elisabeth Potemkin (HfG), Yijing Zhang (HfG)


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