The Art of Memory

An Expedition into Computer-Based Media Art

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Sat, November 02, 2019 11 am CET - 4 pm CET, Workshop, Ackerspace, Atrium 8+9

Using selected works from the exhibition as examples, we see and hear the changes in the media since around 1960 and explore some of the major technical developments. We collect our impressions of the works in a web collage: What do they remind us of? Which senses are stimulated or deceived? What do they want to make forgotten? And what do works of automatons and random generators actually remind us of?

We will then create our own works in simple programming experiments - from random and programmedtexts, colors, patterns, sounds or images. We will store our results on an open website and in a public "repository" to protect them from oblivion. Thus, over time, they can be superimposed in our memory with the works of the exhibition and the results of other workshops, creating their own collective memory.

Programming skills are not required, but they are not a hindrance!


You can call us Monday to Tuesday, 1 pm–6 pm as well as Wednesday to Friday, 9 am–1 pm.

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media