Programming with Godot
2D Workspace UI of Godot Game Engine. The shown project is the demo provided by the Godot devs.
Fri, May 05, 2023 3 pm – 6 pm CEST, Workshop
Language: German

From 14 years, with registration - limited number of participants!

In this workshop, together we will create a simple 2D game and get to know the central functions of the »Godot Engine«. You will learn how to set up a project, use the most important nodes, create scenes and add individualised functions to the game using the programming language GDScript. Finally, we will extend the basic game with functions that we have decided on together. The workshop is aimed at young people and adults who want to get started in developing their own games. No prior knowledge or programming skills are required to participate.

The software »Godot Engine« is a game engine used to create 2D and 3D games as well as interactive experiences and simulations. It is an open-source alternative to well-known programmes such as Unity and Unreal Engine and is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. In the workshop we will work with the recently released version »Godot 4.0«.

Digital requirements: Stable internet connection, video conferencing capability (camera and microphone). Participation via laptop or desktop PC is recommended. The workshop will take place online via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent out shortly before the workshop starts.


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