Homo Machina

Darjeeling – 2018

Illustration for the game Homo Machina. Processes and functions of the human body are represented like a factory.

»Homo Machina« is a video game inspired by the avant-garde illustrations in the works of physician Fritz Kahn.

Particularly famous was Kahn’s plate »Der Mensch als Industriepalast« [Man as Industrial Palace] from the 1926 volume of »Das Leben des Menschen», in which Kahn metaphorically portrays the human body and its inner processes as a factory.

Almost 90 years later, new life was breathed into this idea. In a stylized 1920s factory, the players immerse themselves in a sophisticated system of nerves, blood vessels, and valves. The goal is to control various body functions in a universe consisting of thirty levels. The players discover the most amazing factory in the world: the human body.

Material / Technique
iOS, iPad



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