Infermental (1982–1991)

Logo of the video journal »Infermental«

INFERMENTAL – International-Fermentum-Mental – is the first international magazine on videocassettes, initiated by the Hungarian filmmakers Gábor and Vera Bódy in 1980. Alternating editors from different countries assembled approximately annually a five to seven hours lasting video magazine, that informed of the latest tendencies in audio-visual arts.
»Infermental«'s 10 issues + 1 special issue (altogether about 70 hours and more than 1500 artists from 36 countries) are on loan in the video collection of ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

Infermental 1

Editors: Gábor Bódy, Astrid Heibach
Supervisor: Gusztáv Hámos

Berlin/West, Germany1982
 37 contributions, 8 countries, 4 hours  

Infermental 2

Editors: Oliver Hirschbiegel, Rotraut Pape
Supervisor: Vera Bódy

Hamburg, Germany


 77 contributions, 15 countries, 6 hours  

Infermental 3

Editors: Peter Forgacs, László Beke Co-editors: Malgorzata Potocka, Peter Hutton, Egon Bunne
Supervisor: Rotraut Pape
Production secretary: Zoltán Bonta

Budapest, Hungary

 99 contributions, 18 countries, 6 hours  

Special Issue NRW

This edition presents a selection of works mainly from Germany's state North Rhine-Westphalia from 1984. The editors couldn’t find philosophical-visual trend directions from the submitted works. Nevertheless this issue excels in the high quality of individual works (Joan Jonas, Marcel Odenbach, Birgit Antoni). (Vera Bódy)Wuppertal, Germany1984/85

Infermental 4

Editors: FRIGO (Gérard Couty, Mike Hentz, Christian Vanderborght)
Supervisor: Astrid Heibach

Lyon, France

 102 contributions, 14 countries, 7 hours  

Infermental 5

Editors: Leonie Bodeving, Rob Perrée, Lydia Schouten
Supervisor: Egon Bunne

Rotterdam, Netherlands

 39 contributions, 13 countries, 5 hours  

Infermental 6

Editors: Vera Bódy, Hank Bull
Supervisor: Gérard Couty

Vancouver, Canada

 59 contributions, 25 countries, 6 hours  

Infermental 7

Editors: Tony Conrad, Chris Hill, Peter Weibel
Supervisor: Rotraut Pape

Buffalo, USA

 58 contributions, 17 countries, 5 hours  

Infermental 8

Editors: Keiko Sei, Alfred Birnbaum
Supervisor: Mike Hentz, Hank Bull

Tokyo, Japan

 73 contributions, 15 countries, 5 hours  

Infermental 9

Editors: Ilse Gassinger, Graf + ZYX
Supervisor: Chris Hill

Wien, Austria

 45 contributions, 15 countries, 5 hours  

Infermental 10 

Editors: Heiko Daxl, Evgenija Dimitrieva
Supervisor: Keiko Sei

Osnabrück, Germany / Skopje, Yugoslavia    

 51 contributions, 16 countries, 6 hours