Jerome Turner: Developing Audience Evaluation Skills

Thursday & Friday, March 1 & 2, 2018, 1 pm 

This workshop specifically addresses some of the concerns and skills gaps identified by smARTplaces partners in our work with them to date, namely in engaging with audiences for qualitative evaluation of events and exhibitions. This workshop is delivered in two parts, using the conference as a case study for discussion and practicing the skills. Part one addresses some of the key questions smARTplaces partners may be asking themselves, regarding the best ways to gather useful information and feedback from »visitors«. This introduces practical skills for creating questionnaires and preparing to do short, »vox pop« interviews. The »homework« is to use these skills in conference breaks and overnight, gathering feedback from delegates. The second part of the workshop is then used to feedback on the process, compare notes, and identify how such gathered data can be used meaningfully to better understand audience responses – focusing largely on the partners’ future smARTplaces activities. 

Portrait of Jerome Turner
Jerome Turner

Jerome Turner

Jerome Turner is a researcher at Birmingham City University’s Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research. He has research interests in online media and web cultures, currently finishing his PhD qualitatively exploring Facebook local community media audiences.
He also has specific research experience through his work in the Centre’s Monitoring and Evaluation Lab. Along with Paul Long, Jerome is involved in research and evaluation of the smARTplaces project.