Jiyun Park

Feminale of Music

Portait of the artist Jiyun Park during a Performance

Through experimentation with different kinds of materials Jiyun Park explores sensory and synaesthetic states in search of hidden and inherent sounds, spatial sound, and performances.

Jiyun Park is a sound artist and composer based in Germany. She was born on August 8, 1990 in South Korea. After academic training in Multimedia Design at the Hanyang University in South Korea, she went on to explore Media Art at the Academy of Media Art in Cologne, Germany. There, she developed an approach to sound that is informed by electronics, voice and self-built instruments or synthesizers.

Her works are mostly influenced by crossing the threshold of space and time in her surroundings. She is actively doing collaboration performances to expand her frame, also for example in communicating via data, and human-sonic interaction.

Jiyun Park is actively engaged and performing widely within the experimental music scene of the city of Cologne. Furthermore, she played at international festivals like the NIME conference, the Murmurans Mundus conference in the Czech city Ústí nad Labem, as well as in experimental spaces like Rotterdams notorious hotbed of creativity WORM or the Austrian project space Tresor in Linz. Once before she performed already at the ZKM, as participant in the biennial high-school conference »next_generation« organised by the ZKM | Hertz-Lab.

Jiyun Park is the last and also youngest composer presented in the framework of the FEMINALE OF MUSIC, the digital festival that honors female composers from the 17th century until today. We look forward to the further development of her career.

Music Pieces

Self built Instrument, Sound Performance (2017) 15’57’’

A Copper Schnitzel, Sound Performance (2017), excerpt

Invisible Indicator (2019) 4-Channel Audio Performance, 30’

This piece is composed of field recordings and electronic effects to design a spaces and personal experience at middle of massive nature. Especially it is drafted of recordings from Iceland. This piece has own narrative and lead audience to be in spaces which can be a virtuality or reality / Inner or outer sound. It comes up with an experience of the artist, when she faced a perfect isolation, harsh environment and death by nature.

Author: Jiyun Park

Indifference (2019), Audio, 30’

This piece experiments with the idea of (vocal) transmission. The artist records herself listening to a selection of spoken languages, while simultaneously imitating them. Through the instantaneous reproduction of the heard syllables, their particular intonations and pronunciation, the tie between sonic and verbal expression loosens and eventually fully diminishes. In order to focus on the sounds and tonality of speech and to distance herself from meaning, foreign languages that are unknown to the artist have been chosen. The work is released as a book and CD – EQUIVOCATION, which includes experimental notations by different artists.

Author: Jiyun Park


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