Juliane and Louise Reichardt

Feminale of Music

A painting of a young woman.

Juliane and Louise Reichardt, mother and daughter, come from a widely branched, important musical family. Together with husband and father Johann Friedrich Reichardt, all three composers belong to the circle of the so-called Second Berlin Song School.

The central concern of this group is to turn away from baroque pretense and return to simple melody. Linked to this is the idea of rediscovering natural and original music, breaking down the boundaries between art music and folk music and creating music that is not only intended as court music but is also for domestic use.

Juliane Reichardt is born on May 14, 1752 in Potsdam, Germany and her daughter on April 11, 1779 in Berlin, Germany. Johann Friedrich Reichardt, husband of Juliane and father of Louise, is a respected court conductor. In 1791 the family – without their mother, who had already died – moved to the newly acquired property Giebichenstein near Halle, which quickly became a meeting place for the romantic poetry scene, among them Brentano, von Arnim and many others. Later financial difficulties threatened the estate and Louise Reichardt therefore decided to move to Hamburg. There she very successfully establishes a new existence as a music teacher – an unusual undertaking for a woman of that time. She mainly teaches schoolgirls, works as a choir director, founds a music school and, together with Johann Hermann Clasing, the »Musical Society for Sacred Music«, with which both of them organize outstanding concerts up to 5000 visitors. In this way Louise Reichardt makes a decisive contribution to the development of a bourgeois musical life in Hamburg.

Living room concert with Daniel Kaiser and Angelika Lenter

As part of the »Feminale of Music« Daniel Kaiser (piano) and Angelika Lenter (soprano) present pieces by the composers Bettina von Arnim and Louise Reichardt.

Sonata in G major - Allegro (Juliane Reichardt), published by The Orchard Enterprises: Seth Carlin (piano) to be found on the CD »Mozart in the Age of Enlightment«

Sonata in G major - Alla polacca Andantino (Juliane Reichardt), published by The Orchard Enterprises: Seth Carlin (piano) to be found on the CD »Mozart in the Age of Enlightment«

Der Spinnerin Nachtlied (Louise Reichardt), published on 04.05.2015 by and sung by Bettina Pahn (soprano) accompanied by Tini Mathot (pianoforte) to be found on »Es war ein König in Thule«, 2015 Naxos.


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