Kopf Über 2017

 The photo shows the group of head over project 2017

In 2017, the cooperation project revolved around the social media that defines our everyday lives, which is of central importance both for young people and for museums, and constantly poses new challenges. The apps Instagram and Musically were used for creative discussion with the museum and amongst themselves, whereby there was a very quick role reversal, when the young people told the three speakers the latest tricks for social media fame. The young people grew into social media experts, who filled a professional account with their own content, and therefore, not only enhanced the media techniques that they already knew, and learnt new ones, but also presented the ZKM in an innovative way. The high point of this Kopf Über module was the visit and workshop by the social media star Falco Punch, who shared his knowledge and experience with the whole project team, and encouraged the young people in their role as experts.

You can follow the whole project on the Instagram profile of Kopf Über!