Black lettering on a white background: Laboratorium

The archive documents the interdisciplinary exhibition »Laboratorium«, which took place from 26 June to 3 October 1999 at the Provinciaal Fotografie Museum in Antwerp. It was curated by Barbara Vanderlinden and Hans-Ulrich Obrist.

The archive includes organisational and exhibition documents, correspondence between curators, scientists, artists, documents on exhibitions, publications, performances and lectures, as well as biographical material and press releases.

The documents provide an insight into the pioneering exhibition and include, among other things, a video documentation of the interdisciplinary lecture series »The Theater of Proof«, conceived by the French sociologist and philosopher Bruno Latour.

Contributing Artists and Scientists

Hans Ulrich Obrist; Barbara Vanderlinden; Bruno Latour; Matt Mullican; Mark Bain; Lewis Baltz; Oladélé Bamgboyé; Thomas Bayrle; Wiebe E. Bijker; James Lee Byars; Harry M. Collins; Jef Cornelis; Anne Daems; Tacita Dean; Lionel Estève; Jan Fabre; Harun Farocki; Hans-Peter Feldmann; Peter Fischli and David Weiss; Michel François; Peter Galison; Frank O. Gehry; Liam Gillick; Joseph Grigely; Carsten Höller; In situ production; Henrik Plenge Jakobsen; Alexander Kluge; Koo Jeong-a; Rem Koolhaas; Laboratoire Agit-Art; Adam Lowe; Ken Lum; Armin Linke; Sarat Maharaj; Erwan Mahéo; Jean-Charles Massera; Kobe Matthys; Bruce Mau; Jonas Mekas; Gustav Metzger; Jean-Luc Moulène; Matt Mullican; Gabriel Orozco; Panamarenko; Marko Peljhan; Jason Rhoades; Martha Rosler; Xavier Le Roy; Rupert Sheldrake; Luc Steels; Isabelle Stengers; Meg Stuart; Tomoko Takahashi; Rosemarie Trockel; Francisco J. Varela; Lawrence Wein.

Laboratorium Archive
Archived at Roomade vzw, Brussels
Archived by Barbara Vanderlinden