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The picture shows a portrait of Giga Hertz Award Winner Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson is one of America's most renowned – and daring – creative pioneers. She is best known for her multimedia presentations and innovative use of technology. As an author, director, visual artist and singer, she has created groundbreaking works that span the world of art, theater and experimental music.

Laurie Anderson was born on June 5, 1947 in Glyn, Ilinois, United States and lives and works in New York City for several years now. Her recording career, launched by »O Superman« in 1981, includes the soundtrack to her feature film »Home of the Brave« and »Life on a String« (2001). Anderson’s live shows range from simple speech to elaborate multimedia stage performances such as »Songs and Stories for Moby Dick« (1999). Anderson has published seven books and her visual work has been presented in major museums around the world.

In 2002 Anderson was named the first Artist-in-Residence of NASA, culminating in their 2004 tour of »The End of the Moon«. Recent projects include a series of audiovisual installations and a high-definition film, »Hidden Inside Mountains«, made for the 2005 World Expo in Aichi, Japan. In 2007 she received the prestigious Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize for her outstanding contribution to art. In 2008 she completed a two-year worldwide tour of her performance piece »Homeland«, which was released as an album on Nonesuch Records in June 2010. Anderson’s solo performance Delusion debuted at the Vancouver Cultural Olympiad in February 2010 and will continue to tour internationally in 2011. In 2010, a retrospective of her visual and installation work opened in Sao Paulo and later traveled to Rio de Janeiro. 

In 2011 she opened her exhibition with all new works under the title Forty-Nine Days In the Bardo at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. In the same year she was awarded the Honorary Legends Award of the Pratt Institute. She has recently completed residencies at CAP at UCLA in Los Angeles and EMPAC in Troy, New York. Her film Heart of a Dog was selected as an official selection for the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals in 2015. 

In the same year, her exhibition »Habeas Corpus« opened in the Park Avenue Armory with great success and in 2016 she received the Courage Award for the Arts from Yoko Ono for this project. In 2017 Laurie Anderson was the grand prize winner of the Giga-Hertz Award of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

Laurie Anderson is the recipient of its 2020 Vanguard Award and Residency which also comes with a $50,000 cash prize. It was planned that Anderson host a residency from March to December 2020 at the Public Theater’s Joe’s Pub venue. Alex Knowlton, the director of Joe’s Pub, said in an interview that with the Vanguard residency, Joe’s Pub aims »to honor and acknowledge an artist who’s made significant contributions, particularly to the American performing arts canon, across the course of their long career,« and who has »focused on lifting up the work of others.« (New York Times, 10.10.2019)

Music pieces

O Superman [Official Music Video], released by Nonesuch Records. »O Superman«, from Laurie Anderson's debut album Big Science from 1982. Listen to the 2007 remastered edition of the album, celebrating its 25th anniversary:

Home of the Brave (1986) 90’, Concert film (Vertrieb Cinecom Pictures, 1986) published by Clemens Lucca

Sharkey's Day (1984), avant-garde pop, published by and produced by Laurie Anderson together with Bill Lawell from »Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology«: Adrian Belew (guitar), Anton Fier (drums), Bill Laswell (bass), Brenda Nelson, Dolette McDonald and Michelle Cobbs (background vocals), Laurie Anderson (violin and vocals) and Leanne Ungar (engineering), 1981 Warner Records Inc

Beautiful Pea, Green Boat, released by Laurie Anderson (keyboards, percussion, vocals) produced together with Brian Eno: Adrian Belew and Gerry Leonard (guitar), Guy Klucevsek (accordion), Cyra Baptista (percussion), Douglas Browne (drums), Phil Ballou (background vocals), Edwin Lear and Laurie Anderson (lyrics) and participation of Brian Eno and Kevin Killen, from »Bright Red«, 1994 Warner Records Inc

Laurie Anderson Interview: We are In Constant Panic Mode published by Louisiana Channel. In this short video, cult multimedia artist Laurie Anderson speaks her mind about our changing world today and why we should stop panicking and being so territorial: »You can't close your doors anymore, everyone's pounding on them, and you'd better think about what to do - and look on the bright side.«


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