Michael Diers: Der Bildgebrauch in den Massenmedien

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Biography Michael Diers:

Professor of Art History at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg and Supernumerary Professor of Art History at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Main focus of research: art of the Renaissance, the modern age, the 20th century and the contemporary period; photography and the new media; political iconography, art and media theory; history of science. 
Publisher for many years of the "kunststück" paperback series, since 2005 of the "Fundus" series; numerous essays and books published on the above topics, including "Warburg aus Briefen" [1991], "Mo[nu]mente" [ed., 1995] "Schlagbilder" [1997], "Der Bevölkerung" [2000, ed. together with K. König]. Due for publication shortly are "Fotografie_Film_Video. Beiträge zu einer kritischen Theorie des Bildes, Kunst und neue Medien" [ed.] and "Edouard Manet: Le chemin de fer/La Gare Saint Lazare".