Online application BBBank Newcomer Projection Mapping Prize 2022

Submission of entries: October 4 – November 2, 2021

Photo of a colorful projection mapping at night on the baroque Karlsruhe castle.

For the second time the ZKM and the KME Karlsruhe Marketing and Event Ltd. will present the international BBBank Newcomer Projection Mapping Prize at the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Karlsruhe 2022.

This international award is endowed by the BBBank, founded and with its headquarters in Karlsruhe, to celebrate the bank’s centenary. The Grand Prize is 10,000 Euro (plus production costs) and the winner will be selected from among the entries submitted by a high-profile jury chaired by Peter Weibel, Chairman and CEO of the ZKM. The prize-winning concept will be produced and presented as a new artwork at the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Karlsruhe 2022, The second and third prizes are 5,000 Euro and 2,000 Euro, respectively. All the winners will receive their prizes at an awards ceremony.

Application & Materials

Download information on Production Guidelines
Download Production Guidelines model files
Download and confirm Granting of Rights

Online submission ends on November 2, 2021

Entries will be judged on the basis of a storyboard and a 5-second media check clip of a new art production for the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Karlsruhe. Submissions must comply with the technical specifications laid down in the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Karlsruhe Production Guidelines. Prizes are awarded to works and not their authors. The 2022 competition is being publicly advertised for the first time and is open to artists of all ages.

All entries submitted should fulfill at least one of the following criteria:
  • The content should engage with the City of Karlruhe and/or the history of the city
  • The content should engage with a future technology in the area of sustainability
  • The content should engage with a technology/the history of technology that relates to Karlsruhe.

Prize Money

The Grand Prize is 10,000 Euro plus production costs of up to 30,000 Euro net, with which the winner realizes their concept for the SCHLOSSLICHSTPIELE Karlsruhe 2022. Curatorial support and technical assistance by the ZKM is included in the prize. The premiere and exhibition of the work will take place exclusively in the context of the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Karlsruhe. The production costs allowance covers all costs incurred during production, for example, fees and technical equipment.

The entry that wins second place receives prize money of 5,000 Euro and the third placed entry 2,000 Euro.

On the basis of content-related and practical criteria the jury decides on which entries will receive an award and are capable of being realized.

Conditions of Participation

Please read the following information carefully before you submit your entry; if you have any questions contact

The following is required for your participation (to be submitted with your entry):
  • A short biography of the artist(s) giving details of previous experience (max. 1000 characters including spaces).
  • A portrait photo of the artist(s) (min. 500 x 500px).
  • A description of the entry submitted (max. 2000 characters including spaces), a storyboard, and a 5-second media check clip plus image files (optional).
  • The confirmed Granting of Rights (pdf)

Please note the following points:

  • The deadline for submitting your complete entry is November 2, 2021.
  • The final work must be 7 to 9 minutes long.
  • The concept you submit must not have already won other awards or been submitted to a similar competition.
  • Employees of the organizing institutions, sponsors, and presenters of the award as well as members of the jury are excluded from participation.
  • Entries that are incomplete will not take part in the competition.
  • Upon receipt of all necessary material and information entrants will receive an e-mail confirming their participation.
  • All entries will be archived; by participating in the competition the participant agrees to his/her entry being archived.
  • Participants must be reachable at the address they supply.
  • The prizewinners (or a representative) commit themselves to attending the Awards Ceremony at a date yet to be specified to receive the award in person.
  • When a work wins an award it is possible that the material submitted will be used on various media and means of communication. We thus request the participants to put the sound, image, and text material together with the utmost care.
  • It should be recognizable that the work submitted was realized using technical means. In addition to the storyboard, a 5-second media check of the moving images in the work must accompany the entry.
  • Winners of the Grand Prize agree that the work which was produced in the context of the competition will be shown exclusively at the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Karlsruhe in 2022 and in the following years.
  • Winners of the second and third prizes grant the ZKM first right to make an offer for joint implementation of the storyboards in the context of the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE Karlsruhe.
  • Submissions that do not fulfill the above mentioned requirements will not be admitted to the competition and will not be presented to the jury.