Open Call – CLOSED!

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The Open Call of ArtOnYourScreen closed on September 20, 2015!

Following the launch of ArtOnYourScreen (AOYS) with established artists such as Rafaël Rozendaal or Martine Neddam, the ZKM is set to extend its program with an open call: AOYS invites artists to submit those among their net-based projects which critically examine the status quo of digital society, namely, prevailing structures and practices in art, politics and everyday life.

Orientation on the topics of GLOBALE – the New Art Event in the Digital Age is requested. In this connection, special attention is paid to the exhibitions »Infosphere«, »Exo-Evolution« and »Global Control and Censorship«.

 Here, AOYS is also open for net-based works which connect online events with objects and actions in real space. Winners are selected by a jury and presented on the AOYS platform from October 2015. Each project is accompanied by an educational program designed in collaboration with the artists.
1st Prize 4.000 € + exhibition participation in AOYS
2nd Prize 2.000 € + exhibition participation in AOYS
3rd Prize 1.000 € + exhibition participation in AOYS
4th Prize exhibition participation in AOYS



Till September 20, 2015, already produced works of the following content may be submitted in the form of an email to Only those proposals submitted by E-Mail will be considered. Following information may be inserted directly into the body of the email or as an attached document:


  1. with the reference: »AOYS Open Call – [please insert your own name here]«,
  2. with a short statement on the project’s content and form,
  3. Information on the artist: Name, contact address, short biography including a link to the homepage or to additional projects,
  4. Information on the artistic work: project title and description, a link to the project and, as the case may be, details relating to special technical conditions,
  5. with the form »Legal Conditions of Participation« [download form]: please read through the form carefully before signing it,
  6. In cases of underage participants, we require additional authorization of participation from parents and/or legal guardians [download form].