Other Places

Andy Kelly – 2013–2018

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The computer game worlds created during the last ten years have been carefully designed down to the very last detail.

Scenes that may only be perceptible for seconds in the game take months of work to produce. The writer and graphic artist Andy Kelly celebrates the spectacular aesthetics of computer game worlds under his pseudonym Ultrabrilliant. In the form of short films, he shows these worlds from the perspective of a disembodied spectator. The results are panoramas and detailed views that provide a new perspective on the design of computer games. »Other Places« includes a series of well-known games, including the underwater city Rapture from »Bioshok« (2007), the fantasy worlds of »The Witcher 3« (2015) and »Skyrim« (2011), and the satirical representation of California from »Grand Theft Auto V« (2013).




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