Namco, LTD., Tōru Iwatani – 1980

Pac-Man automat

Experience the most famous game in video game history on an original arcade machine. It is one of the oldest preserved "Pac-Man" arcades in the world!

According to legend, Pac-Man was designed by Tōru Iwatani while eating pizza. The Japanese name »Paku Paku« stands for »repeatedly open and close your mouth«. As Pac-Man is chased by ghosts, he navigates the maze and eats the dots in his path.   The 1980s were the heyday of arcade games. In so-called »Penny Arcades« (Arcades) you could discover various video games for a small amount of money. The arcade classics laid the foundation for the later success of computer games.

Material / Technique

Arcade-Automat (Midway MFG. Co.) 


Retrogames e.V.



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