Anett Holzheid

Institute / Department

Anett Holzheid is a humanities and media scholar who currently works for ZKM | Karlsruhe directorate as a scientific consultant to Peter Weibel and as co-curator. Before joining the ZKM in 2015 she lectured extensively in the fields of communications and media studies at several German universities as research associate. After completing two graduate programs in Würzburg and Albany, USA, and further studies in digital information analysis, she earned her PhD from Universität Würzburg with a dissertation on the history of postcard culture and its impact on foregrounding digital messaging practices. Today, she devotes herself to researching artistic media spaces. Her work focuses on transdisciplinary relations between classical and emerging media genres and contemporary art. She has been conceptualizing various mediation formats and projects such as conferences, exhibitions and lectures at the intersections of art, science, civic participation and collaborative engagement.