Anne Laforet

Anne Laforet is an independent researcher. For the »digital art conservation« project she worked in conjunction with the Espace multimédia gantner (Bourogne, FR) and the École supérieure des arts décoratifs (ESADS), Strasbourg (FR). Her special contribution at the Espace multimédia gantner was to devise the case studies and organize the inventory of the collection. At ESADS, where she has taught since 2011, she was joint academic organizer, with Johannes Gfeller, of the conference »Digital Art Conservation. Practical Approaches: Artists, Programmers, Theorists« (2011), and with Francisco Ruiz de Infante and Jérôme Thomas she coordinated the associated exhibition and evening of performances. She holds a doctorate in information science and communication from the University of Avignon (FR), and her thesis on the conservation of net-based art entitled »Le net art au musée. Stratégies de conservation des œuvres en ligne« was published in 2011. She has been making digital art and writing about it since the late 1990s.