Asian Feminist Studio for Art and Research (AFSAR)

Asian Feminist Studio for Art and Research (AFSAR): »Critical History of Technology«, Lecture Performance at MATTER OF FLUX Festival | Women in Art, Science and Technology, 2023. From left: Hanwen Zhang, Mooni Perry, Yan Lin, Hye-in Park, Charmaine Poh.

Asian Feminist Studio for Art and Research (AFSAR) was founded in 2020 with the aim to establish connections between contemporary art, scholarly discourse, and activism anchored in Asian Feminist thoughts. AFSAR initiates various hybrid programs, including studying and reading groups, collective research projects, dialogues and film screenings. The prefix Asian brings the localities to conceptualise a space and ignites dialogues with diverse partners. Localities are also manifested in diasporic peoples' engagement with the place of their settlement, the land of their heritage and places beyond. Over the years, AFSAR has grown to be a decentralised network, utilising multiple online-tools to construct virtual space for archiving their activities and fostering collective research to develop and support sustainable interactions.