Béchard Hudon

lives and works in
Montreal, Canada

Catherine Béchard and Sabin Hudon have been working as an artist duo in Montreal, Canada, since 1999. Their artistic research is dedicated to the perceptual fields and interstices of human and non-human environments. By connecting the fleeting tensions between sight and sound, the duo creates works that make overlooked everyday elements visible and audible. Subtle differentiation of sound and movement and an awareness of the auditory and geometric phenomena of natural and human-designed spaces are central concerns of their artistic work. As their practices take shape in sound sculptures, kinetic sound installations, and performance art, they are often combined into a complex body of work.

Béchard Hudson's work has been exhibited internationally, including in several cities in Canada, Croatia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Brazil, the United States, and China. They are part of numerous public and private collections. Béchard and Hudon have created two permanent public works in Quebec.