Bill Kouligas

Year of birth, place
Athen, Greece
lives and works in
Berlin, Germany

Bill Kouligas works as producer, DJ and graphic designer in Berlin and New York City. Born in Athens, and brought up on post Punk, New Wave and Hardcore in London in the late 1990s, he developed an interest in Drone and Noise bands such as Sunn O))), Wolf Eyes and Black Dice. He turned to producing himself, and published tapes, limited vinyl and CD-Rs under the name Family Battle Snake. Inspired by the idea of documenting his friend’s music, he founded the PAN label in 2008, and, as graphic designer, took over responsibility for the visual design of the LPs. Among the first of the label’s releases were, above all, artists working in the genres of Drone, Noise and Electroacoustic. Meanwhile, the label also releases aspects of experimental dance music. The back catalog also covers artists such as Helm, Valerio Tricoli, Lee Gamble, Bass Clef, SND, Heatsick aKeith Fullerton Whitman.