Can Altay

Year of birth, place
1975, Turkey
lives and works in
Istanbul, Turkey

Can Altay is an artist and assistant professor in the Faculty of Architecture at Istanbul Bilgi University. He studies and investigates the functions, meaning, organization, and reconfiguration of public space. His »settings« facilitate critical reflection on urban phenomena and artistic activity. His work traverses sculpture, photography, and installation, and is staged and manifested in the spaces, exhibitions, and publications he produces. His public projects include: »Inner Space Station« (New York, 2013), »Distributed« (London, 2012), »The Church Street Partners’ Gazette« (The Showroom, London, 2010) and »PARK: bir ihtimal« (Istanbul, 2010). Altay is the editor of »Ahali: An Anthology for Setting a Setting«, 2013 published by Bedford Press, London.

[Last update: August 2015]