Christian Geiger


Prof. Dr. Chris Geiger is Professor of »Mixed Reality and Visualization« at University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf where he leads an interdisciplinary group of researchers. The MIREVI team works on innovative interfaces to connect people with technology. Chris published over 120 papers in the areas of system design, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, mixed reality and human-computer interaction and served as reviewer and PC member in several conferences. As an active researcher in applied science he works on a number of national and international R&D projects. One important focus of his work is to identify synergies between art, design and technology and to find new ways of working together in multi-disciplinary teams. This includes the participation in EU funded projects like »PS2« (The peoples' smart sculpture), »MOCCA« (Motion Capturing Creative Area) and »MARTA« (Mixed Reality Art Applications). Working with cultural organizations, designers and artists is an important part of the daily work.