Dave Murray-Rust

Year of birth, place
1976, Stirling, United Kingdom
lives and works in
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Dave Murray-Rust is a Lecturer in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, exploring ways that people, data and things interact. His research centres on how we can ensure that there is space for people within computational systems, preserving privacy, choice, identity and humanity while making use of possibilities of computational coordination and personal data.

Presentation at the Open Conference »Art and Artificial Intelligence«

Drew Hemment, Vaishak Belle, Dave Murray-Rust, Larissa Pschetz

Experiential AI is a new program at Edinburgh Futures Institute on art, ethics and artificial intelligence. It aims to support the creation of significant artistic works using machine learning algorithms and robotics, and to inspire radically new concepts and paradigms on ethical and responsible AI. The program brings artists and scientists together to dispel the mystery of algorithms and make their mechanisms vividly apparent. It looks at how art can mediate between computer code and human comprehension to overcome the limitations of explainability and accountability in AI systems.

Edinburgh is the world's foremost festival city, and has been a centre for AI research since the early 1960s. Experiential AI is developed by Edinburgh Futures Institute, Bayes Centre, and Heriot-Watt’s Robotarium as a part of the Data-Driven Innovation Programme.

Experiential AI will launch in August 2019 a lighthouse artist residency with Ars Electronica and Edinburgh International Festival.