Delia Juergens

Year of birth, place
1986, Hannover, Germany
lives and works in
Hannover and Los Angeles

Delia Jürgens’ multilayered installations are composed of a variety of materials and objects. The different displays are informed by everyday materials such as various construction materials, objects from our globalized mass culture, and a wide range of references to images and structures from the digital world. The installations, which are constantly materializing in different ways, are assembled anew from their different elements for the specific situation in each room, and thereby constantly generate new references and levels of meaning among themselves. After they are presented, the displays are again disassembled into their component parts, and these materials are then once again available from “storage” for new configurations. This artistic formation process is thus comparable with digital work processes that can be constantly altered, expanded or reversed. The titles of her works also give hints about the different layers in the displays and the range of associations connected to them.