Florian Kaufmann

Year of birth, place
Florian Kaufmann lives in Solothurn (CH) where he works in the fields of media, electronics, and art. In 1998 he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering (Dipl. El. Ing. HTL). From 1999–2001 he worked as an assistant at the Laboratory for Industrial Electronics in Biel (CH) with Andrea Vezzini (Ph.D.) and was responsible for developing electronics and Piezo motors at the Innovationsbüro Creaholic in Biel. Since 2001 he runs his own art and media studio in Solothurn called Bricolage Universel. In the dynamic area located inbetween music, media, and art, Kaufmann is present with his performances, concerts, and workshops. In 2010 he did an internship in video technique with Johannes Gfeller at Bern University of the Arts, and since early 2011 has worked on the research projects AktiveArchive and Analit.