Hongshuo Fan


Hongshuo Fan 范弘硕 (1990) is a Chinese composer and new media artist. His work has involved a variety of real-time interactive multimedia contents, such as acoustic instruments, live electronics, generative visuals, light and body movements. His research and creative interests focus on the fusion of traditional culture and cutting-edge technology in the form of contemporary art. His output spans chamber music, live interactive electronics, installations, and audio-visual works.

Hongshuo is currently doing his PhD at NOVARS Research Centre (University of Manchester), and is also an assistant teacher for the interactive Media Technologies course and postgraduate technical leader on the MANTIS System (a 56-speaker cluster). He was a faculty member of the Electronic Music Department at Sichuan Conservatory of Music and a member of Sichuan Key Laboratory of Digital Media Arts.

His works have been presented at International Computer Music Conferences (Netherlands, China, Korea, USA), The Art & Science Days (France), New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Lodz Modern Music Festival (Poland) and many other international events and festivals.

Hongshuo has been awarded multiple prizes, including the 2015 Shanghai International Electronic Music Week »Best Works Award«, the 2016 ICMA (International Computer Music Association) Asia-Oceania Regional Award and the third place in 2019 Chaosflöte Commission Competition.