Joséphine Derobe

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Joséphine Derobe’s main research is to explore the creative and narrative forms of 3D in film, visual art and virtual reality. As a filmmaker, she has written and directed two award-winning 3D shorts: »Journal d'un Frigo« (2011) and »Souviens-moi« (2013).
As 3D specialist, she has collaborated on many long feature films »Minuscule«, »Astérix&Obélix au Service de sa Majesté«, including the five 3D films of Wim Wenders : »Pina«, »Every Thing Will Be Fine«, »Cathedrals of Culture«, »If Buildings could Talks« and »Les Beaux Jours d’Aranjuez« coming theater in november 2016.