Julien McHardy

Porrait of Julien McHardy

Julien McHardy is a designer, dramaturge, para-academic and publisher contributing artistic and scholarly sensibilities to the making of exhibitions, performances, strategies and books. Searching for stories that help us make sense of our intimately connected lives on this fragile planet motivates his work. Questioning what we know and how it might be different, requires crossing geographic and disciplinary positions, blurring distinctions between makers and publics. In response, McHardy frequently works in international collaborations that push the boundaries between artistic, scholarly and public enquiry. Recent work includes the »Digital Imaginaries« exhibition series, the »Book of Anonymity«, and the theater triptych »Dying Together: Humans | Earth | Futures«. Besides running his studio, he is co-directing the Open Access publisher Mattering Press and contributing to the association of independent publishers ScholarLed.