Kerry Strand

Year of birth, place
1940, Emida, Idaho, United States
Role at the ZKM
in the collection
Kerry Strand studied engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle (1958–1961). After service in the U.S. Army (1961–1963) studied physics at the University of Washington, Seattle (1964–1966). 1965–1966 employed at University of Washington as a programmer. 1965 created first work of computer art, »The Shell«, written in Algol on a Burroughs 5500 and plotted on a CalComp Model 563 at the University of Washington. 1966–1972 employed at CalComp programming department. 1968 produced »Hummingbird«, »The Fisherman«, and »Plexus«. 1972 B.S. in physics from the California State College Fullerton. 1972–2007 employed at Boeing as a programmer analyst. He lives in Everett, WA, USA.
Exhib.: 1969, »Computer-Kunst. On the Eve of Tomorrow«, Kubus, Hannover. 1970, »Impulse Computerkunst: Graphik, Plastik, Musik, Film«, Kunstverein München, Munich.