Kersten Glandien


Dr. Kersten Glandien is author, curator and lecturer in the fields of sound and radio art, aesthetics and contemporary art. She studied with Wolfgang Rihm philosophy, aesthetics and art history at the University of St. Petersburg in Russia. She worked as a lecturer and research scholar at the Technical University of Dresden, and as a research assistant at the Institute for Aesthetics and Art History at the Akademie der Wissenschaften Berlin. Since 1989 she has worked as a freelance author and curator in London, and has been teaching contemporary art at Richmond University London since 1993, and, from 2003, SoundArt at the faculty of art at the University of Brighton. Her academic writings range across numerous publications in the field of sound and radio art, aesthetics and experimental music. She has curated concert series in experimental music, radio art events and sound art exhibitions. At present, she is working on a book on the subject of aesthetics of sound art.