Lili Carr

Black and White Portrait of Lili Carr

Lili Carr is a British-born architect with a background in the natural sciences. Her work explores how alternative models of architecture practice can be attentive to the material, social, legal and ecological »by-products« of designed spatial transformation. She joined Feral Atlas in late 2018 where she was overjoyed to discover its vibrant multidisciplinary worlds of mapping, and to meet an incredible group of people deeply concerned with non-designed effects too.

She is currently developing a research proposal to explore how methods of citizen science practice can create new »attention devices« to fundamentally shift what architecture enables and serves. She holds an BA in physics from the University of Oxford, an MArch from the Architectural Association, and is one of four co-organizers of Free School of Architecture, an ad hoc experiment in radical pedagogy and peer-to-peer learning