Feral Atlas as a Verb
Feral Atlas
Sun, November 22, 2020 11 am – 1.30 pm CET, Workshop

The spots for the workshop will be raffled on Instagram @zkmkarlsruhe. The participation is possible until Friday, 20.11.2020, 4 pm.

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»Feral Atlas« is a collective work of more than a hundred scientists, humanists and artists, united in examining the non-designed effects of human-made infrastructures. »Feral Atlas« is curated and edited by anthropologist Anna Tsing, visual anthropologist Jennifer Deger, environmental anthropologist Alder Keleman Saxena and architect Feifei Zhou.

As part of the »Driving the Human« Festival, which will be streamed free of charge via the ZKM live stream from November 20–22, we would like to take up the chance of bringing the theory of the »Feral Atlas« into your home!
Focusing on the keyword »representation«, Feifei Zhou and Lili Carr will introduce the »Feral Atlas« concept of »infrastructure mediated state change«. This is where ongoing human-made infrastructural processes radically change environments to the point where our social and ecological systems are »tipped« from one state to another. In »Feral Atlas«, we call these infrastructural processes »tippers«. Tippers are a non-exhaustive set of verbs that express the transformative actions of human-made infrastructures.

This workshop will be an experiment in noticing, recording and expressing the actions of tippers in our daily environments. Can we find creative ways of doing the infrastructural work we observe differently?
We are excited about your digital participation!

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

»The Making Matters Symposium« at Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam