Lorenz Hanewinkel

Year of birth, place
1931, Heiligenstadt, Germany
lives and works in
Paderborn, Germany
Role at the ZKM
in the collection

The work of Lorenz Hanewinkel is one of the most important pioneering achievements in the development of electronic computing devices. After completing an apprenticeship as a radio mechanic and studying physics at the Technical University of Aachen, he was involved in the practical testing of components and circuits at Zuse KG, which was founded in 1949. Here he constructed an extremely reliable computer based on electric tubes and later semiconductors, the Zuse Z22. Many of his developments, including new generations of office computers and methods for recovering binary functions, led to patent applications from the 1960s onwards. Since 1981, Lorenz Hanewinkel has represented numerous clients nationally and internationally before offices and courts as a German and European patent attorney and has obtained important landmark decisions at the Federal Supreme Court. Nowadays, he researches on the collision of black holes.








Apprenticeship as radio mechanic



Employment as an overhead line technician



Study of physics at the Technical University of Aachen, diploma degree in high vacuum spectrometry for UV light


Since 1952


Teaching activities and publications in the fields of mathematics, physics and chemistry




Development engineer at Zuse KG, Neukirchen




Technical development of the Zuse Z22




First public presentation and series production of the Zuse Z22




Sales engineer at Valvo GmbH, Hamburg




Lead developer at Nixdorf AG, Paderborn

Since 1981


Activity as independent patent attorney, Paderborn



Award of the Konrad Zuse Medal by the ZDB Zentralverband Deutscher Baugewerbe