Lorenz Hanewinkel: The Construction of the Zuse Z22
Sat, 22.06.2013, 11 am CEST, Lecture
With the development of the first in a series of vacuum-tube computers, the Zuse Z22, a new technological frontier was entered ten years after the Second World War. The relay technology used in these was anything but widespread and the young physics scholar Lorenz Hanewinkel went from RWTH Aachen in 1955 directly to Zuse KG and is considered today the genius behind the Z22.

A true pioneer development was the work of young physics researcher Lorenz Hanewinkel: he and his team took on the task of developing this new product and bringing it to series-readiness. In the years and decades that followed, the Zuse KG machines were put to good use in Neukirchen / Kreis Hünefeld at colleges, universities, and scientific institutions.

In his lecture, physics scholar and Zuse Z22 constructor Lorenz Hanewinkel describes the difficulties, circumstances, and challenges that had to be overcome at the time.
The lecture will be held in German. Lorenz Hanewinkel:
The construction of the Zuse Z22
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