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Luba Elliott

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Luba Elliott is a curator and researcher specializing in artificial intelligence in the creative industries. She is currently working to educate and engage the broader public about the latest developments in AI art through talks, workshops and exhibitions at venues across the art and technology spectrum internationally including The Photographers’ Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, Seoul MediaCity Biennale, Impakt Festival, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence and the AI conferences NeurIPS and ICCV.

She has advised organisations including The World Economic Forum, Google and Samsung on the topic and was featured on the BBC, Forbes and The Guardian. Previously, she worked in startups and venture capital and has a degree in Modern Languages from Cambridge University.

Creative AI and the technology community – A Presentation at the Open Conference »Art and Artificial Intelligence«

The past few years have seen an explosion of interest in using the latest artificial intelligence techniques to create art, compose music and generate poetry. From DeepDream and style transfer to a GAN-generated painting selling for $ 430,000 at auction, AI art has moved beyond the world of research and academia and become a trend in its own right. This talk will focus on my work around creative AI as curator, community organizer and researcher including the conference exhibitions at CogX and WiDS Zurich, workshops at prominent academic AI conferences NeurIPS and ECCV and local public engagement efforts with the award-winning ART-AI Festival in Leicester.


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