Manfred R. Schroeder

Year of birth, place
1926, Ahlen, Germany
Year of death, place
2009, Göttingen, Germany
Manfred R. Schroeder studied physics at the University of Göttingen (diploma 1951, Ph.D. 1952). 1954 joined research staff of Bell Telephone Laboratories at Murray Hill, NJ. 1958 head of the Acoustics Research Department, where he was in charge of acoustics and speech research (1958–1969). 1963 director of Acoustics and Speech Research at Bell Labs. In 1968, he generated computer graphics. Collaboration with Sue Hanauer. 1969–1991 professor of physics and director at the Drittes Physikalisches Institut, University of Göttingen; remained associated with Bell Labs.
Exhib.: 1969, »Some More Beginnings«, Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York. 1969, »Computer-Kunst. On the Eve of Tomorrow«, Kubus, Hannover. 1970, »Impulse Computerkunst: Graphik, Plastik, Musik, Film«, Kunstverein München, Munich.
Lit.: M. R. S., “Die statistischen Parameter der Frequenzkurven von grossen Räumen,” in: »Acustica«, 4, 1954, pp. 594–600. M. R. S., “Images from Computers and Microfilm Plotters,” in: »Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery«, vol. 12, no. 2, February 1969, pp. 95–101. Bishnu S. Atal and M. R. S., “Adaptive Predictive Coding of Speech Signals,” in: »Bell Systems Technical Journal«, vol. 49, no. 8, October 1970, pp. 1973–1986.