Markus Klute

Portrait of Markus Klute

Prof. Dr. Markus Klute, born in Germany, has been a professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) since 2021. Prof. Klute is involved in particle physics at the highest energies, both in the design, construction and installation of particle detectors and in the analysis of the data collected. He studied physics and mathematics at the University of Bonn and spent time as a doctoral student at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, and at Fermilab near Chicago, USA. He received his doctorate in Bonn in 2004. He went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a postdoc, became a research scientist there and moved to the University of Göttingen as a professor in 2008. He returned to MIT as a professor in 2009. Together with his team at MIT, he played a key role in the discovery of the Higgs particle. Among other things, he is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and received an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship in 2021, the most highly endowed German science award.