Michael Shamberg

Year of birth, place
1945, Chicago, United States
Role at the ZKM
in the archives

Michael Shamberg was a correspondent for TIME magazine before co-founding Raindance in 1969. His book »Guerrilla Television« acted as issue six of the first volume of Radical Software and distilled the ideas of the Raindance collective into a media manifesto geared towards young activists. In 1972 Shamberg co-founded »Top Value Television« (TVTV) to produce alternate video documentaries. Shamberg currently is a movie and TV producer who has produced more than 40 films. His credits include »Erin Brockovich«, »World Trade Center«, »Freeheld«, »Freedom Writers«, »Contagion«, »Gattaca«, »Django Unchained«, »Pulp Fiction«, »Out of Sight«, »Get Shorty«, »A Fish Called Wanda«, »Garden State«, »Reality Bites«, and »The Big Chill«.  He has been nominated for two Academy Awards and his movies have received 32 Oscar nominations. He also produces the international TV series »Into the Badlands« and he is an advisor to BuzzFeed Motion Pictures.