Miro A. Cimerman

Year of birth, place
Zagreb, Croatia

The software developer Miro Cimerman studied electrical engineering and worked at the national research institute Ruđer Bošković (IRB). In 1971, he founded together with Vladimir Bonačić and Dunja Onassy the »bcd« (later: »bcd CyberneticArt team«). In 1972, he moved with Bonačić and Donassy to Jerusalem. In 1972 »bcd« initiated the international »Jerusalem Program in Art and Science« at the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in cooperation with UNESCO. After a short return to Croatia in 1978, he moved to Germany in 1979.  From 1980 he worked with Bonačić and Donassy to develop innovative forms of computer-based information visualization for German television.