Noël Burch

Year of birth, place
1932, San Francisco, United States

Noël Burch has been living in France since 1951. In the 1950s he worked as assistant director for Preston Sturges and Michel Fano. He has been an author since the 1960s. His numerous publications include »Theory of Film Practice« [1973], »To the Distant Observer: Form and Meaning in Japanese Cinema« [1979], and »La drôle de guerre des sexes du cinema francais: 1930 -1956« [1996], a publication which deals with the portrayal of gender relationships in French film from between the wars up to the 1950s. From 1967 to 1971 he was co-founder and director of the Institut de Formation Cinématographique (together with J.-A Fieschi and D. Mancier), and he has taught at international universities since the 1970s.