Philip Campbell


Dr. Philip Campbell is since 1995 the Editor-in-Chief of »Nature« and director of the »Nature Publishing Group«.  He studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Bristol, astrophysics at the Queen Mary College, University of London. In 1979 he received his PhD in upper atmospheric physics from the University of Leicester. He worked at »Nature« from 1979 to 1988, first as Assistant Editor (Physical Sciences) and then as Physical Sciences Editor (1981-88). He was the founding editor of »Physics World«, published by the UK’s Institute of Physics, from 1988 until his return to »Nature« in 1995. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (1979) and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (1995). He was awarded an honorary DSc by Leicester University in 1999. He was the first person to be given the European Science Writers Award by the Euroscience Foundation, a prize inaugurated in 2001.