Rashad Becker

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Rashad Becker published his debut album »Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I« on PAN, in 2013. He describes the LP as the anthropology of a fictive population influenced by numerous sources and sounds free from one predominant aesthetic idea. After emigrating from Syria to Europe in his youth, in Berlin Becker began experimenting with sounds in empty buildings and their spatialization. He presented his ideas, among other things, in the form of sound installations. As sound engineer, he also participated in several theater productions. Furthermore, Rashad Becker runs the mastering studio Clunk, where he has mastered a great many PAN LPs. He describes the sounds in his live performances as »entities«, as narratives describing states of affairs. The sources of the sounds he produces are difficult to identify since, although Rashad Becker works exclusively with synthetic sound generation, the result often has an organic appearance. For him, his live sets represent an attempt to break through conventional forms of reception by rendering them more abstract.