Stephen Sarrazin

Porträt von Stephen Sarrazin

Stephen Sarrazin is a film and moving image professor, critic and curator living in Tokyo, Japan, and working between Tokyo and Paris, France. He lectures at Paris 8 University, and taught at the Tokyo University of Art. He has also guest-lectured at other notable institutions including Columbia University, NYU, Yale, Oxford, Buffalo University, Ontario College of Design, Edinburgh University, as well as numerous faculties across Asia.

He has contributed to art and film publications, including Art Press, Metropolis M, Flash Art, HK Extreme Orient, Cahiers du Cinema, Parachute, InterCommunication.

He has published books and catalogue essays, notably on artist Gary Hill (»I believe it is an Image«, Watari-um, 1992) and »Surfing the Medium« (Chimaera, 1993), and edited a monograph on Lynn Hershman Leeson. In 2015, he published a collection of essays and interviews on contemporary Japanese cinema (»Reponses du Cinema Japonais«, Lettmotif, 2014) and edited a collection of essays and his interviews with filmmaker Mamoru Oshii (»Les Moutons Electriques«, 2021). He was co-editor in chief of the film and media art journal, Mondes du Cinema (published in France by Lettmotif 2013–2018).

Sarrazin has curated numerous media art exhibitions in Europe and Japan, and programmed video art screenings around the world for more than three decades, in museums, galleries and independent art spaces, with artists including Gary Hill, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Shelly Silver, Eija Liisa Ahtila, Tony Oursler, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Mako Idemitsu, Bill Viola, Robert Cahen, etc. He has curated exhibitions by artist John Sanborn in Berlin, Bangkok, Bourges and Paris and edited a monograph on his work, »Meandres et Medias«.

Stephen Sarrazin lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.