Viola Yip

Viola Yip during a sound performance

Viola Yip is a composer, performer, sound artist and instrument maker. She has been interested in developing new self-built instruments and sound performances that explore the dynamic relationships between media, materiality, space and musical bodies in experimental music. She is currently pursuing her PhD in music at New York University. Yip performed at Hong Kong Arts Center, CNMAT at UC Berkeley, CCRMA at Stanford, ISSUE Project Room in New York, Cycling ‘74 Expo, Sonic Arts Research Center at Queen's University Belfast, QO-2 in Brussels, Kunst-Station Sankt Peter in Cologne, Radialsystem in Berlin and Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, among others. Viola Yip was awarded a Giga-Hertz honorary mention at ZKM | Karlsruhe in 2021. She was scholarship holder at the Künstlerhaus Villa Waldberta in Munich and was an artist in residency in the Studio for Electroacoustic Music at the Academy of Arts, Berlin.